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My name is Gillian. I am old fashioned and a romantic. I will always prefer books to e-readers. I am a Ravenclaw. I love old things. The list could go on forever. But basically, I am who I am, and nothing can change that.


The Harry Potter movies added many scenes that I disagree with.


This is not one of them.

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shots fired



how to be a good ally:

  • do not participate in ally week
  • do not participate in ally month
  • do not participate in straight but not narrow
  • do not participate in noh8
  • and please just shut the fuck up when actual queer people are talking

this is actually quite fucking rude.


nothing says ‘i’m sorry’ like uploading a video to the exact space you previously used to coerce and assault people who idolised you, once again making sure they can’t feel safe there, whilst simultaneously proving just how entitled you feel to having a fanbase

And where else is he supposed to apologize? YouTube is the medium he’s most comfortable communicating through and a good way to get his point out there. I’m not supporting one side or the other, but seriously. How else would you suggest he apologize?

Internet people scare me at the minute…


PREFACE: The following post is not in defence of, nor attacking or diminishing, any YouTuber that has either acted deplorably in their position of power or people that have acted against these YouTubers with passion and conviction.

Having said that, the need I feel to make that preface is kind of evidence to what I want to discuss.

The internet is scaring me at the minute.

With all the issues that have come to light over the last year about abuse from YouTubers on the site in relation to sexual conduct with fans (whether consensual or otherwise) people are UNDERSTANDABLY emotional about it.

Let me clarify even further that this post is not relating to those directly affected by the aforementioned issues. In my mind, they are justified full and true to react and respond to any of these issues as they feel they need to. End of that bit.

The people victimised don’t scare me, the people perpetrating don’t even scare me (their actions are deplorable and the loss of their YouTube status is COMPLETELY justified and the right thing).

I’m scared of the YouTubers and bloggers that are publicizing the issues.
Again, clarifying that the issues NEED to be publicized, and that that is not my concern.

People of the internet have influence. Whether large or small is irrelevant.
With these issues coming to light, there is an ever growing pressure from content creators to publicize the “correct” message.
The problem is, I don’t agree wholly with the message they are publicizing. I agree with the notion of awareness and the education of younger audiences and the importance of addressing dangers of the internet and its faces but I fear that that’s not actually what they’re saying from the ongoing interaction on social media.

The message beyond the above is that as a “community” you have to agree with the sheer and blunt rejection of every perspective that doesn’t completely support their own.

Alex Day posts a 31minute video. Advocates for the above reject it wholly and brutally with little response to the actual content (I am not making a judgement either way on the Alex situation).
Very few people took the time to engage in the content of what he was saying because they are shrouded by the idea that his thoughts on it are not worth listening to.

How can you be an advocate for an issue that span’s beyond the internet if you’re not willing to engage in a discussion with the perpetrators of what you’re fighting against.

Why? Because they did something that you don’t think is acceptable? THAT’S NOT A GOOD ENOUGH REASON!!!

You should be engaging with these people and the things they say, learning about things from their perspective. You do not have to change your views on anything, that’s not the point of the engagement. You should be learning about the way they think about things, the way they see the world.
Why? To give them compassion? Not necessarily, but to be able to grasp more of an understanding in how to move forward and educate others better.
How can you preach about such serious issues if you refuse out-rightly to acknowledge that other perspectives and insights have any relevance? That other perspectives don’t have influence in the world?

You can’t.

You’re telling people to be closed minded. You’re not encouraging safety, you’re encouraging hatred. Intolerance. Prejudice against other ways of thinking because at least that way there’s some kind of “solidarity” that people can fall back on.

Your message to your audience is to not accept these people no matter what they say or how they move forward. And where I agree with that, accepting and listening are two very different things.

Your responses (directed at the internet) are too extremist. 100% forgiveness or 100% rejection and none between shall we consider.

And it’s fucking toxic.

I hate being part of this community at the minute.
I love the support for the individuals.
I love that these issues are being raised and think they should continue to be discussed.
I hate the way they’re currently being spoken about.

This community is not as accepting, nor as solid and united as people want to believe.

I feel like we are all united in the idea that what was done is wrong, but not in the way we move forward. You’re thinking too small. You’re too closed. You’re not going to change the way society thinks if you do not take the time to listen and learn.
I’ve had a series of long discussions about how I personally feel with some of my closest and most balanced friends and have been back and forth about discussing this publicly online.
We deplore the actions committed by the perpetrators but don’t agree that the current response is likely to improve things moving forward.

Content creators, friends, community, this is my perspective.

The reasoning and demands of the protesters. I love that they stayed anonymous! #ttuNoMeansNo #rapeculture #fearlesschampions
In response to the sign hung at the Phi Delta Thera frat party recently. The sign read “No means yes, yes means anal.” This is #rapeculture and it is not ok! #ttuNoMeansNo #fearlesschampions
In response to the sign hung at the Phi Delta Thera frat party recently. The sign read “No means yes, yes means anal.” This is #rapeculture and it is not ok! #ttuNoMeansNo #fearlesschampions
In response to the sign hung at the Phi Delta Thera frat party recently. The sign read “No means yes, yes means anal.” This is #rapeculture and it is not ok! #ttuNoMeansNo #fearlesschampions





so my plan for halloween is to dress up as a Nazgul with my black horse and go trick or treating but instead of saying “trick or treat” i’ll either scream or hiss “Bagginssssssssss, Shhhhhhhire” and then ransack their villages in my search for the One Ring


i bet


you guys




i was joking

oh dear god


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